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HH Apothecary



Evolution Blueprint

Your Evolution

Survival of the Fittest

Evolution Blueprint is a therapeutic treatment program

designed and customized for YOUR EVOLUTION.

A comprehensive 12-week treatment program designed around your goals, your needs and your wants.

12 weeks that reaches far and beyond the surface.

A comprehensive program that takes the guesswork out of daily goals.

Your blueprint will treat the complete person. Body Mind, and Spirit.

Four Blueprints to Choose From…

Complete Health & Wellness Blueprint

Disease Management Blueprint

Escape -Stress Relief Blueprint

Weight Loss Blueprint

Health & Wellness 

Overall map to improved health and wellness. Choose this blueprint if you need improvement in every or several areas. Overall health can be improved, fitness levels achieved and reduction of weight or disease management and stress relief.

Disease Management

Prevention or Maintenance

Heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, arthritis, auto immune disease. Muscular, bone, & joint disorders. Rehabilitation/

post injury. Digestive & respiratory disease or disfunction. What you suffer with- can me managed, monitored and limited in progression. This program is for you.

Escape -Stress Relief

Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, PTSD, Mood Disorders. OCD, ADHD.

Mind and body are not separate and can't be treated as such. This program is designed around your ESCAPE.

Weight Loss

Your main goal To lose weight. This program is designed for overall fat loss - not all weight is considered equal. You will change your body composition and your weight will decrease. Designed for PERMANENT weight loss and lasting results.

Four Phases of Your Blueprint

Your Personal Blueprint Is Designed In 4 Detailed And Customized Phases.

Phase 1:


Phase 2: Modification

Phase 3: Momentum  

Phase 4: Maintenance

There is no time limit assigned to any phase. It solely depends on your progress. You will not proceed to the next level without completion of your current phase. A session and time requirement is mandatory for acceptance into this program.

Your Custom Blueprint

  • Diagnostic and Biometric Evaluations
  • Exercise Prescription and Design
  • Behavior Modification / Coaching
  • Nutritional Programming / Supplement Prescription
  • Wellness and Activity / Workbook and Guide
  • Wellness Center Membership /Unlimited Fitness / Includes Entire Calendar 
  •  Individual and Group Support
  • Disease Prevention or Management
  • Stress Relief 
  • Weekly Monitoring Includes Blood Pressure, Glucose Monitoring, Body Fat, Circumference Measurements, Weekly logs and more. 
(Mondays Only Or By Appointment)

Your Customized Blueprint 

12 Week Program

$ 399

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