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HH Apothecary




Pillars of Physical & Mental Fitness


Strength Training is an essential element of Physical Fitness,  partnered with endurance.

Strengthen the entire body, all muscle groups thoroughly, to meet, reach and sustain goals. A strong muscular system builds bone density, prevents injury, increases metabolism and gives you the look you desire.


Flexibility Training is A Key Component of Physical Fitness.

Flexibility adds in Range of Motion. (ROM) 

ROM aids in increased movement, injury prevention, and proper body alignment. Necessary for every movement, every day, every minute.


Cardiovascular training is a monumental element of Physical Fitness.

Training the heart and lungs, the cardio output of the heart is improved. Cardio improves the hearts ability to work stress free, the way it is designed. In addition, cardio burns calories and raises metabolism.

Stress Relief

The modern world can take a toll on our mental health. Stressors are many. 

At HH Apothecary and Wellness we provide a place of refuge.  Using many modalities, we offer you a variety of services to offer you rest, relaxation and escape. You will feel it as you walk through the door.


We offer life coaching, specific programming that offers true change, lasting change. These changes require and incorporate lifestyle changes.  Delivered in a way that is obtainable and realistic.

Semi ~ Private

Group Fitness

At HH Apothecary we strive to deliver diverse wellness programming to met your needs, wants and goals.

Physical fitness requires 3 modalities to achieve goals. 

Strength, Cardio and Flexibility.

You will see our schedule evolve to meet these needs.

5 Options to choose ~ 1 class to unlimited!

All levels Welcome.

Our trainer specializes in modifications, in every format, for everyone, no matter beginner or advanced.

*Consultation is included and required.

 Semi- Private 

Class Packages 

Walk -In


1 Class

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 4 sessions per month - 1x per week

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 8 Sessions per month - 2x per week

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Class Packs Gift Certificates

Class PACK

10 Semi-Private Sessions Package

Pack of 10 - 150

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10 Pack - Valid 90 Days

Class PACK

5  Semi-Private Sessions Package

Pack of 5 Sessions - 85

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10 Pack - Valid 90 Days

Downloadable Calendar!

Wellness Wednesdays

Join our Accountability Program with Wellness Wednesdays

Includes...Weekly Weigh In, Educational Information, Challenges & More!

Biometrics Testing available, including Body Fat, Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose,  or circumference measurements.

By appointment or walk in


Wednesday Mornings from 9-10am

Wednesday evenings, 6-7pm

$10 Per week

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 $29.00 Per Month - 4 Weeks

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1 ~ 60 Minute Session

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10 Private Sessions

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1 ~ 30 Minute Session

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Personal Training

Customized one on one personal training. With over 20 years experience with hands on, one on one, personal training, have no doubt, you will meet your goals.

After setting goals, your trainer will design your personal fitness program and we start.

You set the days, times and sessions and we hit your goals!

Available in packages of 10, session by session, or custom.

By appointment only, available in 30 minute or 60 minute sessions.

A full health assessment and diagnostic testing is included.

Consultation is included and required.

Stretch Lab 

  • Our stretch lab is one on one training to achieve maximum flexibility. 
  • Using proven techniques, your trainer will take you through a full series of full body stretches, injury therapy using multiple stretching modalities.
  • Stretch lab is performed on a table, a chair, mat or floor.
  • By appointment only, available in 30 minute or 60 minute sessions. Consultation is included and required.

30 Minute Private Session


60 Minute Private Session


Participation Packet